Mercer And Holmes On Solar Panels

Just in time for the Ontario election, where Tory leader Tim Hudak is promising to kill the innovative Green Energy Act if elected, here’s Rick Mercer and Mike Holmes, two Canadian icons,in a  great clip from last week’s Mercer Report:


For more examples of the kind of business and energy advances that the Green Energy Act and its feed in tariffs have enabled, check out Stand Up For

To check in on the 33 solar panels on our roof, and see how much energy they are producing right now, go to our Enphase Energy website.

Rick Mercer Explains Our Democratic System

It’s federal election day in Canada, and it has turned out to be a much more interesting election than was expected.  The NDP have had a surprisingly strong showing in the polls over the last 10 days, and this has left both the Harper Conservatives and the Liberals scrambling to change their tactics in the dying days of the campaign.  Canadians, it seems, don’t like Stephen Harper or Michael Ignatieff that much, but they do trust Jack Layton, leader of the federal NDP.

Unfortunately, I will be traveling all day and won’t be able to easily tune into the election results.  But I thought it would be appropriate on election day to post this Rick Mercer video from two years ago, Canada Explained:


And remember, if you are Canadian, exercise your democratic right and VOTE – other people are dying to.

Rick Mercer On The Conservative Environmental Plan: Oil Rules

Although this video is nearly three years old, it is just as true now as it was then.  Rick Mercer considers the Harper government’s oil industry approved “environmental” strategy in “Oil Rules”:


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Rick Mercer on Youth Vote Mobs: Funny, Fun, and Fantastic

Back in March, Rick Mercer challenged the 3 million youth of Canada to get involved in this election, and on university campuses across the country the youth have responded with enthusiasm, surprising even Mercer himself.  Vote mobs have been popping up all over the place.  Here is Mercer on CTV Question Period recently, where he calls these vote mobs “one of the most positive things I’ve ever seen.”


And, in case you missed it, here’s Rick’s rant that got this whole thing started:


And, for good measure, one of the most recent vote mobs from McGill University:


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Vote For Harper Cause He Doesn’t Care About “So-Called” Greenhouse Gases

Another response to Rick Mercer’s challenge to the youth of Canada to surprise our politicians and vote – beautiful!


We’ve got a shot to start a movement
We’ve got a chance to make the whole world lose it
We can start a moment of change
An opportunity to keep the pride in our name

We need to wake up and watch what were doing
Bush was a bitch and the whole world knew it
But now we’re just as guilty as him
Environmental crime is good if you’re a crooked PM

But we’ve got a shot to start a movement
And we’ve got a chance to make the whole world lose it
We can choose who’s in demand
And we can change fate with the swipe of a pen

Vote for Harper if you don’t want trees
Vote for Harper if you don’t like green
Vote for Harper ’cause he doesn’t really care about
So-called Greenhouse Gases

Vote for Harper if you don’t want lakes
Vote for Harper if you don’t like change
Vote for Harper ’cause he doesn’t know a thing about
So-called Greenhouse Gases

We’ve got a problem, we’re on a slippery slope
So what’s it gonna take to get the youth to the polls
We’ve got a choice to make ’cause we can sway the vote
And if we want a change we have to take control

We can change every single thing that we hate
We can be the boss and take control of our fate
History will be whatever we wanna make
And we’ll still party at the end of the day

All we gotta do is get ourselves out of bed
All we gotta do is write an X with a pen?
All we really want is a planet to live
A cold beer in our hands and a river to swim

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Canadian PM Harper On Elections: “Dangerous and Unnecessary”

Here in Canada, we are heading into a federal election on May 2. Our current Prime Minister proclaimed this election to be a “dangerous and unnecessary exercise”.  Rick Mercer responds to this curious, and revealing, statement of our Prime Minister, who apparently believes democracy is a waste of time and money:


And a response to Rick’s rant from students at the University of Guelph, who throw down the gauntlet to other Canadian university students:


Considering the abysmal record of this government on environmental issues, particularly climate change, the importance of getting young people out to vote can’t be underestimated. They are “Generation Hot” and are the voters that will be most affected by unchecked climate change.  For more on the Harper government’s record on climate change, go to Climate Action Network Canada’s info page.

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Respond to: Point of View: What is the most important election issue for you?