Your Grandchildren Will Want To Know What You Did About Climate Change While There Was Still Time

A new grassroots billboard campaign is getting started, to reach out beyond partisan politics to people every where who care about the next generation, and the world that we are going to leave them. Doug Grandt, the climate activist and impetus behind this campaign, puts it this way:

“We are looking for ways to expand this as a marketing tool, one of several in a multi-faceted campaign to reach into the hearts and guts of every day moms and dads and break the logjam in the Senate … we cannot prevail over obstructionist Senators unless they hear from their constituents. We need to open the minds of those constituents. Ideas and critique welcome.”

Here’s one of the billboards being developed:

Join the movement! If you have ideas or money to contribute, or would like more information about the campaign, you can access the “Bodacious Billboards” on Facebook by clicking here. If you are not on Facebook, Doug can be contacted via email at

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