Brazilian Court Suspends Work on Mega-Dam Set To Destroy Rainforest, Indigenous Peoples

Something to celebrate! For decades, the Brazilian government has had plans to build the third-largest hydroelectric dam in the world in Amazonia. This mega-project would drown large areas of pristine rainforest and displace the resident indigenous peoples from their homelands. After protests by the affected tribes supported by a worldwide campaign appealing to the parliament and the new President, Dilma Rousseff, seemed to have no effect, now a Brazilian federal judge has suspended the dam’s construction. It’s a victory to rejoice over, but a not definite decision and no reason to let up the pressure to stop this monster project based on 20th century thinking.

“The world must know what is happening here, they must perceive how destroying forests and indigenous people destroys the entire world.”



Belo Monte Dam Suspended by Brazilian Appeals Court