On May 2nd, Divorce Harper

Here in Canada, we are at the midway point in our federal election campaign. So far, the Conservatives seem to be making no attempt to hide their undemocratic tendencies. Most recently, an early poll held at the University of Guelph to encourage young people to cast their ballots was interrupted by an irate Conservative campaign staffer, who declared the vote illegal and tried to grab the ballot box. Election Canada officials had to intervene, and stood in front of it to prevent him from making off with it. Read the full story here.  As Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff pointed out, this is the kind of behavior one might expect in some country without such a proud tradition of democracy like Syria or Egypt, but not in Canada. What are the Conservatives so concerned about? Well, a recent article in the Globe and Mail, How Parliament Would Look Like If Only Youth Voted, shows why Harper and his minions might be happy if all the youth in Canada stayed home.  It seems the Harper Cons just aren’t that popular among that demographic. But as it stands right now, this age group is the least likely to vote.  Here’s one response by young people to this election: On May 2nd, divorce Harper!

Is your government treating you bad? Mine is. Here are some tips to help us get through this!


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