Creation In Peril: Protect What You Love

Tomorrow I’m going to be spending much of the day at Creation in Peril: Protect What You Love, a conference on faith and the environment. This is one of the videos that I will be sharing there. One person can make such a big difference, but many people are too afraid or discouraged to take the first step into action. 11 year old Olivia is an inspiration!



Young Voices For the Planet



Green Faith Alliance

What BP Doesn’t Want You To See: Dead Fish Washed Ashore, Gulf Coast Birds Mired in Oil

This shocking photo was taken by NY Times reader Sabrina Bradford on a beach in Waveland Mississippi. It dramatically demonstrates the impact of the oil catastrophe on fish and the fishing industry. 37% of the Gulf of Mexico is now closed to fishing.

From Greenman 3610, this video which communicates what words cannot, and shows clearly why BP was keeping the media away from some beaches:


More links:

Click here to view Sabrina Bradford’s photo online at NYTimes “Reader’s Photos” collection.

“BP Attempts To Block Media From Filming Extent of Oil Spill Disaster

“Over a third of Gulf of Mexico waters closed to fishing”

Diver’s View of the Gulf Oil Disaster: Floating Gobs Of Death

AP photographer Rich Matthews offers people a view of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico from underwater.  Risking his own health, Mr. Matthews has been diving into the contaminated waters with nothing more than a wetsuit, scuba gear and a video camera. This is some of what he has to say:

Splashing here forty miles offshore the images are heartbreaking. Oil so thick it blocks out almost all of the light below. Because of the darkness I stay just 10 to 15 feet under the surface, but I can see oil in every direction as far as I can look. Up and down.”

See the disturbing video for yourself, and then take the time to call your elected representatives and tell them you want clean energy NOW.