This Is Water: Thoughts On Living A Compassionate Life

It’s TED Talk Tuesday on 350orbust, but I’m breaking with tradition and posting a non-TED talk. It’s an excerpt of a longer commencement address given at  Kenyon College in 2005 by the late American novelist David Foster Wallace. When I came across the video, nine days after it was posted on YouTube, it already had over four and a half million views; I decided I needed to share it here. The link to the full talk, and the book by the same name, is below the video.

*update May 28, 2013 – I guess somebody was unhappy, and the video I originally  shared was pulled for copyright infringement. Too bad.  I’ve found another version of the talk, broken up into part 1 & 2 (without the great visuals of the one I first posted).




* This Is Water: David Foster Wallace on Life