Mike Holmes On Ontario’s Green Energy Act: A Brave New Path

A great article by Mike “Make It Right” Holmes, host of the television series Holmes on Homes & Holmes Inspection, on The David Suzuki Foundation’s blog today:

Over the past few weeks, Ontario politicians have engaged in heated debate about the province’s much lauded and much criticized Green Energy Act. Some say it is the backbone of the province’s promising green technology sector; others want to put a stake through its heart. Regardless of your political stripes, everyone agrees; the stakes are high.

So what is really happening in Ontario? Simply put, a lot...The Province of Ontario is two years along a brave new path that is expected to bring future prosperity and cleaner energy to Ontario communities. It has done this by encouraging the private sector to invest in local power projects and companies that make the thousands of components that are required to make windmills whir and solar panels purr. At the same time, the province has begun promoting energy conservation and making huge investments in our energy infrastructure — measures that will reduce energy consumption and save taxpayers money in the long run.

To read the full article, go to Get The Goods On Growing Green Energy In Ontario.

James Hoggan: Should Climate Deniers Be Treated Like War Criminals?

James Hoggan, author with Richard Littlemore of “Climate Cover-up” and president of the public relations firm James Hoggan and Associates, appeared on the Thom Hartmann show in November of 2009 to discuss the climate change denial industry.  Mr. Hoggan is also president of The David Suzuki Foundation and one of the founders of DeSmogBlog.com.

Here is the video of that interview: