COP18: Canada’s Climate Fail Or Climate Legacy?

Graphic:, tells us that for the first time since taking the position of Canada’s Environment Minister,  Peter Kent has agreed to meet with climate organizers. “Over the past year, Kent has met with the oil lobbyist 48 times, and so this may be our one shot to even things out. But we can’t do it alone. We need you.  ASAP, Please ask Peter Kent your question on climate, the tar sands and Canada’s rollback of environmental protections.   Tweet @ec_minister with the hashtag #AskKent”

If you aren’t on twitter, you can also email Mr. Kent at, or telephone his Parliament Hill office at 613-992-0253. Let’s remind him that this is his chance for a climate legacy he can be proud of.

You could also ask him why Canadian tax payer dollars continue to subsidize the fossil fuel industry (the richest industry on the planet) at a rate that is five times more than the amount the UN climate aid fund is asking from Canada, and which Canada is refusing to support. See BusinessWeek: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Five Times Climate Aid.