What BP Doesn’t Want You To See: Dead Fish Washed Ashore, Gulf Coast Birds Mired in Oil

This shocking photo was taken by NY Times reader Sabrina Bradford on a beach in Waveland Mississippi. It dramatically demonstrates the impact of the oil catastrophe on fish and the fishing industry. 37% of the Gulf of Mexico is now closed to fishing.

From Greenman 3610, this video which communicates what words cannot, and shows clearly why BP was keeping the media away from some beaches:


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Click here to view Sabrina Bradford’s photo online at NYTimes “Reader’s Photos” collection.

“BP Attempts To Block Media From Filming Extent of Oil Spill Disaster

“Over a third of Gulf of Mexico waters closed to fishing”

Many “Scientists” Who Deny Climate Change, Aren’t Scientists At All

Peter Sinclair, who makes the excellent and informative “Climate Crock of the Week” videos, has just published one entitled “Climate Change: Meet The Scientists”. Watch it, and be informed:


Click here to view more of Sinclair’s videos on YouTube, or go to his website at Greenman studio.com.

More Truthiness on “Climategate”

Several posts ago, I talked about truthiness, Stephen Colbert’s word coined to express ‘truth’ that is known “from the gut” without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts .  The climate change deniers continue to go wild over the 13 years of hacked emails from East Anglia University, saying they are proof that global warming is a hoax.  This is blatantly untrue – glaciers continue to melt, droughts in Africa continue, and the Antarctic ice cover continues to shrink.  The science is not in question; there is an overwhelming amount of it out there. And taking a few lines out of more than a decade of personal emails doesn’t change that. Check out this “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” video, where some of this “truthiness” is exposed:


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