God Bless Us, Everyone

Bill Maher’s  2001 Christmas message is just as timely and wise now as it was 11 years ago. For the second year in a row, I will allow Maher, an agnostic who is highly critical of organized religion, to have the last word on Christmas Day here on 350orbust.


“They Nodded and Noted and Vetoed and Voted”: A Homage To Dr. Suess & U.N. Climate Talks

This is a repost from last December 26th, in case any of you were too busy that day to drop by for a visit.

Dr. Seuss was always an accurate as well as entertaining observer of human nature. Marcus Brigstoke and the other funny folks at the British radio comedy “The Now Show” pay homage to him in their take on last December’s UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. It will make you laugh and cry!