President Obama: Climate Change Is A Fact


Thank you, President Obama, for using your “bully pulpit” to publicly confirm the accuracy of climate science. Now, what the world needs is action based on the science, not business as usual:

Obama’s Hopelessly Wrong On The Environment: Here’s The Reality of What We Face. (

6 thoughts on “President Obama: Climate Change Is A Fact”

  1. While he admits that climate change is a fact, his energy policies say “lah lah lah lah lah! I’m not listening!” This “all of the above” strategy is, well, insane. He wants to frack and drill his way to energy independance. Such a strategy will a) never lead to actual energy independance, b) pollute the nation’s water supply (and soil), and c) simply delay the transition to renewable energy.

    And so, while I appreciate seeing a North American leader acknowledging the reality of climate change, in Obama’s case, it is an empty gesture.


    • I agree Jocelyn that Obama’s SOTU speech, and his actions to date, leave much to be desired from the climate perspective. However, I don’t see it as a completely empty gesture. Imagine if Mitt Romney had won the election, we wouldn’t be hearing about climate change at all. Obama has an incredibly tough job, with the dysfunctional US political system the way it is. But he is rapidly losing credibility with the environmentalists that supported him in the past. His decision on the Keystone XL pipeline will be crucial. I’m still betting on John Kerry who is the closest thing to a climate hawk that Obama has in his circle.

  2. Instead of saying that he ‘wants us to be able to say,’ this man should be saying it. And then, doing it. Words are cheap, especially those that are full of deceit. Are there solar panels on the White House, yet?


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