Oh Canada!

As a Canadian, I am more than embarrassed by my country’s environmental record over the last decade, I’m appalled and angry at the lack of leadership that has lead to this kind of international condemnation. Canada was ranked dead last twice over in two new independent rankings of our environmental policy.

Oh Canada*


1. Center for Global Development, Canada 27th on the environment out of the world’s wealthiest 27 countries.

2. Canada at the bottom of the industrialized world in terms of emissions per capita, development of renewable energy and international climate policy. Canada 55th of 58 countries in terms of tackling greenhouse gas emissions, ahead of only Iran, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia. Click here for article.

2 thoughts on “Oh Canada!”

  1. What a shame. And I don’t believe the “leading” countries are doing nearly enough to coerce a global response to climate change. The world looks like a bunch of lazy students trying to figure out how much they have to study to get a D.


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