3 thoughts on “There Is No Life Without Water”

  1. (I’m sorry if I’m being a little cynical.) Solving the water crisis is extremely important. I understand that and congratulate people like Matt Damon who use their fame and wealth to do something good. However, if we do not solve the climate crisis, the water crisis will only get worse. There needs to be massive efforts done for both.

  2. I was struck recently, when watching the BBC Horizon programme ‘How many people can live on planet Earth?’, first broadcast a year ago, by the comment of narrator Sir David Attenborough, that there is no more or less water on the planet today than there has ever been at any time in the past. Furthermore, most of the water is salty and, most of the freshwater is frozen… Ever since fossilised sunlight made over-population inevitable, this constant (the amount of liquid freshwater in circulation) was always going to be a limiting factor. Climate change may be adding to it temporarily (by melting glaciers) but stopping it that meltwater from reaching the sea causes more problems than it solves. We are already mining groundwater in every single arid country on the planet. Therefore, desalinating seawater (or hijacking icebergs) is a very heavy price to pay for ignoring the reality of ecological limits.

    It is a sobering thought but, long before I was worried about climate change, it was this kind of thinking that made me want to go and do an MSc in Hydrogeology 25 years ago. I really do hope I can now find some way to combine this knowledge with that gained from my MA in Environmental Politics… before it is too late for me or the planet.


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