Chief Spence Ends Her Hunger Strike, But The Struggle Continues

graphic: Occupy Canada
graphic: Occupy Canada


Chief Theresa Spence has ended her hunger strike today. Here is the press release issued by her and her supporters:

press release.Jan24.2013.Chief Spence*

Daniel Wilson reflects on the legacy of Chief Spence’s hunger strike today on

We can help give success a chance, as Chief Spence and Elder Robinson are now doing by allowing the conversation to move on.

We can refuse to criticize the tactics of those who share our goals and, in so doing, keep the focus on the broader struggle. 

We can refuse to help tear apart what we are only starting to build.

We can mark the end of the hunger strikes as a celebration of the commitment and sacrifice of those involved, and a reaffirmation that the struggle will continue. 

We can stand in unity, for all our relations.  And we will learn what that means.




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