McKibben On Maher: Climate Denial Smack-Down

Two of my favourite Bills talk climate change, along with the Republicans at the table. It is, as posted, a seriously awesome “smack-down” – climate science and reality versus climate nonsense. With infinite patience, Bill McKibben responds yet again to the same tired old Republican/conservative talking points:



If this link stops working, go to this Huffington Post link to view the video.

*Thanks Jen P for sending this my way*

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    • Isn’t he great? His incredible patience, after all this time and so little progress on this issue, is inspiring. What a wonderful role model.

  1. Grr…

    “Bill McKibben vs. Clima…”
    This video is no longer available thanks to a copyright claim by [name withheld coz I don’t see why I should assist in getting it into joe public’s head]

    Isn’t freedom of speech wonderful?


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