Rex Tillerson: An Unlikely Climate Hero?

Doug  Grandt, climate warrior and friend of 350orbust, is inviting Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon and Eagle Scout, to become a climate hero. The world is desperately in need of visionary leadership from business leaders as well as political leaders, as we stand on the cusp of catastrophic climate change. Here is Doug’s recent video letter to Mr. Tillerson, Challenge of a Lifetime:



Please join me in encouraging Eagle Scout — and Boy Scouts national President and Exxon Mobil CEO — Rex Tillerson to play a prominent role.

I have asked him to change the course of human history with true climate solutions leadership this year.

Eagle Scouts should live by “We leave our campsites cleaner than we found them” as well as the Scout Law and Scout Oath. We share reverence for God; our family, neighbors and society; and our environment, which supports life for all species. Read more on Think Progress: My Word: Who Better Than an Eagle Scout To Show Bold Initiative On Carbon Pollution.

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  1. Thanks, Christine! Just for clarification, my objective is to raise awareness within Rex Tillerson of his role in impacting the climate. I want to help him get in touch with the values he held as a young Boy Scout of leaving his campsite cleaner than he found it (“Leave No Trace”).

    Ultimately, I will try to encourage him to break away from the business as usual expectations as CEO, and call upon his colleagues around the U.S. and around the world to come together and agree on a schedule of retiring all the refineries that produce fuels. I envision starting with one of the least efficient, least profitable refineries right away (this year, 2012, the “end of the world as we know it”) as a symbolic gesture. Then, in 2013, retire one or two more, to gain momentum. In 2014 and beyond, we the industry should continue global retirements until the newest, most efficient refineries are shut down in about 2 decades. Only facilities that produce plastics, chemicals and building materials should remain operational as they could be carbon neutral.

    I also call on Rex to implore Congress to adopt a carbon fee which ExxonMobil endorses as a means to level the playing field and allow carbon-free innovative energy to take over as we ween ourselves away from carbon-based fuels. The transition needs to be relatively slow and steady, but it must begin urgently soon. Rex Tillerson has the unique position to spark that change of course.

    This is inspired by Polly Higgins’ and these two concepts: and Everybody is encouraged to WRITE TO REX, WRITE AWAY. His address is on the letters that I have written and posted at

    Thanks again for your support and providing a continuous flow of information

    For the earth
    For humanity



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