TED Talk Thursday: Poverty, Crime, And Greenhouse Gas Emissions

From TEDx Manitoba is Shaun Loney, founder and Executive Director at BUILD Inc. and Warm Up Winnipeg where he leads an innovative approach to promote social enterprise as a no-cost way to cut poverty rates. In this talk, Mr. Loney makes surprising connections to poverty, crime and greenhouse gas emissions, and in doing so offers a humane and do-able response to climate change:



Shaun Loney is also the co-chair of the Winnipeg Citizens’ Coalition where he authored “Growing Green”, an economic blueprint for the city of Winnipeg. He also sits on the board of directors of Manitoba Green Retrofit. From 2002 to 2008 Shaun was the Director of Energy Policy for the Government of Manitoba. During this time Manitoba went from being last place in Canada in energy efficiency to first, holding this place for three years running. Shaun holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Manitoba.

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  1. I actually grew up in Winnipeg (grades 6-12). Luckily I was never directly affected by the crime and the gangs, but I was aware. This program is a wonderful idea. And, although I completely agree with the idea of working on the homes of people with difficult financial situations, taking this kind of program province-wide would be amazing.
    Plus, I always like the idea of hitting more than “one bird with one stone”. Crime, poverty and climate change all tackled with one solution. I wish government officials thought more like this gentlemen.

    • Shaun worked for the provincial govt for 6 years, and is currently advising the City of Wpg. So some govts are getting the message.
      (Interesting link to Wpg, JP. I’ve spent many of my adult years in Winnipeg, as well, most of it in the West End area, and it’s a great city. The gang violence is restricted to the downtown core, for the most part, and while it’s awful it certainly doesn’t affect the vast majority of people).

      • I lived in Charleswood (south west) and went to school in St-Boniface (1 hour 15 minutes each way on Winnipeg Transit!!!). So I went through and spent a lot of time in the down town. I saw a man beat another man with a 2×4, but that’s it!


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