Finally, Some Good News Out Of Ottawa: All-Party Climate Caucus Formed

Thanks in large part to the hard work of Dr. Kirsty Duncan, Liberal MP for Etobicoke North and IPCC scientist, a new House of Commons “climate change” caucus has been formed. Duncan, who championed this initiative, said

“I am delighted that my colleagues have joined me to build this caucus over the last four months. I absolutely believe that climate change is our most pressing environmental issue, perhaps the defining issue of our generation, and it requires both moral responsibility and intergenerational responsibility.”

From October 20th press release:

As governments prepare for the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Durban (28 November to 09 December 2011), Members of Parliament from all political parties have joined forces to create the first-ever, climate change caucus on Parliament Hill.  The all party caucus consists of Michael Chong, Conservative MP, Denise Savoie, New Democratic Party MP, Kirsty Duncan Liberal MP, Maria Mourani Bloc Quebecois MP, and Elizabeth May, Green Party MP.

 Denise Savoie, MP, Victoria, and Deputy Speaker, reported,  “The climate change all-party caucus provides a space for meaningful discussion on the defining issue of our generation- in a forum without talking points or media!”

 Maria Mourani, MP for Ahuntsic, Bloc Québécois Environment Critic, said “Climate change will have serious consequences for our health, environment, economy and infrastructure over the short, medium and long terms. It is essential to deal with this problem now in order to limit its impact on future generations. Setting greenhouse gas reduction targets and creating a carbon exchange are just some of the steps we must take. That is why I am pleased to join with my colleagues from the all-party climate change caucus to promote innovative and effective solutions to fight climate change. For the sake of our children, we must be more responsible!”

 The climate change caucus is planning a number of events to bring more information to Members of Parliament regarding the climate crisis: some of these events include, climate change and faith; the lead-up to Durban; extreme events and disaster preparedness; and the economic impacts of climate change and clean technology.

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0 thoughts on “Finally, Some Good News Out Of Ottawa: All-Party Climate Caucus Formed”

    • While Harper et al have been busy dismissing climate scientists and dismantling our climate infrastructure, the consensus is building around the globe that it is (past) time to address the climate crisis. The Harper govt is going to be more and more isolated on this issue. Sooner or later even they will be able to read the writing on the wall – and it shows Chong’s strength of character, which was already evident in the last parliament, in that he is stepping up to the plate on this caucus and going against the mainstream of his own party. I have hope!

      • If you’re wrong, my hope is that a strong opposition will be able to defeat the Conservatives around 2015 to bring Canada back on the right side of the issue.

      • You and me both, Jay! As a friend said in the devastating days after Harper’s election in May, “now they have enough rope to hang themselves with”.

  1. Thank goodness. It’s high time for us to see SOME action to fight climate change from our federal representatives, to balance the huge subsidies given to oil companies and the dwindling budgets afforded to environmental agencies.


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