Mike Holmes On Ontario’s Green Energy Act: A Brave New Path

A great article by Mike “Make It Right” Holmes, host of the television series Holmes on Homes & Holmes Inspection, on The David Suzuki Foundation’s blog today:

Over the past few weeks, Ontario politicians have engaged in heated debate about the province’s much lauded and much criticized Green Energy Act. Some say it is the backbone of the province’s promising green technology sector; others want to put a stake through its heart. Regardless of your political stripes, everyone agrees; the stakes are high.

So what is really happening in Ontario? Simply put, a lot...The Province of Ontario is two years along a brave new path that is expected to bring future prosperity and cleaner energy to Ontario communities. It has done this by encouraging the private sector to invest in local power projects and companies that make the thousands of components that are required to make windmills whir and solar panels purr. At the same time, the province has begun promoting energy conservation and making huge investments in our energy infrastructure — measures that will reduce energy consumption and save taxpayers money in the long run.

To read the full article, go to Get The Goods On Growing Green Energy In Ontario.

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  1. Shame on David Suzuki, on Mike Holmes and on 350 for supporting a government that is attacking working people, seniors, the disabled, single moms etc etc you should be Lobbying not endorsing and guaranteeing that the other parties understand and AS YOU ALL WELL KNOW other things they do undermine their green pkg like continuing to use nucleaqr power which in not green, making trade deals with nations that are not green and that violate human rights etc. Good bye 350 I don’t support you anymore. David Suzuki sold out British Columbians and now we have a far worse ecological mess with the ruin of the rivers projects, the oil pipeline to Kitimat etc etc

    • Thanks, everyone for your opinion!
      Sue, you certainly feel strongly about our current Ontario government (which is interesting because, as you point out, you live in British Columbia) but it seems you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater, as the saying goes. Can one not be pro-renewable energy without inciting your ire? The fact of the matter is that Tory leader Tim Hudak has said he will cancel this progressive legislation, and the Ontario NDP have not come out strongly in support of it, unfortunately, nor do they have any climate change policy to speak of. So for an environmentalist (as you claim to be) to be so vehemently anti-GEA/solar energy is curious and certainly sends out a mixed message. What CAN one do, I wonder, to remain in your good books?
      (BTW, last time I checked, David Suzuki hadn’t been elected to any political office in your province or anywhere else, so it’s very curious that you heap so much blame on him for the current mess your province is in ecologically. It would seem to make more sense to consider your elected leaders, as well as the population that elected them, when laying blame there).
      And – fyi – I’m not associated with 350.org, other than to recognize them for the inspiration they have given me to fight for a better future for my children, and to be thankful for their leadership in the fight for a stable climate for future generations.

  2. I wish B.C. would get some energy smarts like Ontario has. So far, my pleas to our moronic government seem to be falling on deaf ears.

    Perhaps one day they will wake up…


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