It’s Time For the Silent Majority To Speak Up, The Eyes Of The Future Are On Us

As part of the 24 Hours of Climate Reality, this video was put together to remind us – parents, children, young adults, grandparents concerned about the environmental crisis our world is facing – that the voice of the people is the strongest thing, stronger than any other special interest or power, and that when people stand together and draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough, change will happen. We can look to Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, the Berlin wall, and Egypt’s Tahrir Square. These, and many others throughout history, are examples where people stood up for change, for what was right, against huge obstacles, and change happened. Are you ready to become part of a not-so-silent majority, who will demand accountability and change from our elected officials?


*thanks to Sherry over at One Earth To Live for the link to the video!

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0 thoughts on “It’s Time For the Silent Majority To Speak Up, The Eyes Of The Future Are On Us”

  1. “It’s Time For the Silent Majority To Speak Up, “….

    or at least make another video…

    ….sorry, but i just can’t help myself… more important than speaking up, lets all take a serious look at how we live our own lives and the choices we make…

    peace and wisdom to all…

    • LOL, nice one, Francis! But we all have a circle of influence that we can impact, by our words but most importantly, as you say, by how we live.

    • Agreed – the planet will do just fine without us, it’s humanity that will be wiped out if we carry on with our current unsustainable way of life.
      Scott, if you are in Canada and anywhere near Ottawa, (in case you haven’t already heard) on Monday Sept 26 there is an action planned for parliament hill against the tar sands –
      And if you’re in Canada or anywhere else on the planet, next Saturday Sept 24 is the Moving Planet day, a global day of action to move away from fossil fuels. For more info, go to’s Moving Planet info page.

      These are some of the ways we can all “step up our game”!


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