The Radicals Are The People Who Are Fundamentally Altering The Composition Of The Atmosphere

From Tar Sands Action, an update on Day 4 of the two-week action in Washington DC against the Keystone XL pipeline project:

Montana residents and Hollywood stars will be featured at Day 4 of the Tar Sands Action at the White House. The proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which 162 Americans have been arrested protesting this week, would run through Montana and six other states.

Among those planning on being arrested today are film-star Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in four Superman movies, and actress Tantoo Cardinal, an iconic Cree actress who appeared in Dances with Wolves, Legends of the Fall, Smoke Signals and more. Cardinal, who was born in Ft. McMurray, Alberta, the capitol of the tar sands, was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 2009.

Cardinal will risk arrest to stop the destruction of her homeland and push President Obama to help shut down the tar sands by denying a permit for the Keystone XL.

Everyone who has participated in the Tar Sands Action thus far is out of police custody.

Here’s a video from Josh Fox, Academy Award-nominated director of Gasland, about the tar sands action:


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0 thoughts on “The Radicals Are The People Who Are Fundamentally Altering The Composition Of The Atmosphere”

  1. Definitely a good video.

    However, I doubt it will make one bit of difference how much civil disobedience takes place, the tar sands will continue on long past the time when most of us are gone, continuing its’ highly polluting ways.

    Two things need to happen before there will be much – if any – reduction in the oil output from Alberta.

    We absolutely MUST get into electric or other alternative powered vehicles. We have been spoiled rotten by the easy and cheap power we get out of gasoline, to the point where none of us could survive without it. I believe that will come in time, as the more forward thinking auto manufacturers are now starting to produce such cars.

    Since the tar sands isn’t going away, we must demand of our government – demand, not just ask – that vastly less polluting methods be put in place. I have heard unsubstantiated claims that the oil companies are aware of a cleaner way (or ways) to extract this oil. Apparently the cleaner method(s) will require yet more investment. If that is the case, then so be it. Make the investment immediately.

    There has been far too much money dumped into the pockets of the greedy oil companies, not just from the sale of overpriced gasoline, but now from even higher tax reductions. It is a completely ridiculous situation.


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