Climate Skeptic Monckton Claims to Have Discovered Cure For HIV, Multiple Sclerosis

Introducing the new, amazing “MonckWOW”:

It turns out that the August and Exalted Lord Monckton ‘s scientific expertise (despite the fact that he has no scientific education) is not limited to being the world’s foremost climate expert — he is also a medical practitioner of the highest caliber.
He claims to have developed a cure for HIV, the flu, malaria, muscular sclerosis, and the common cold.

Check out the latest video from Climate Crock debunker Peter Sinclair. I found the most ironic part to be anti-science climate denier and journalist James Delingpole complaining about being “intellectually raped” by scientist and President of the Royal Society Sir Paul Nurse after Delingpole was unable to respond to Nurse’s “unfair question” on the scientific consensus on climate change.


5 thoughts on “Climate Skeptic Monckton Claims to Have Discovered Cure For HIV, Multiple Sclerosis”

  1. LOL “Even Senate leader Barnaby Joyce, probably Federal Parliament’s most prominent climate sceptic, has described Lord Monckton as being on ‘the fringe’. ”
    That pretty much says it all!

  2. I have little doubt that the worlds climate is changing. It’s been in a state of continuous change ever since the Earth first cooled enough to actually have a crust billions of years ago. What I doubt is that CO2 emissions from human activity has a significant impact on that change. More green house gasses are released by volcanic activity in a single day than has been released by human activity since the start of the industrial age.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion – it’s as useful to the rest of us as if, for example, a plumber gave me his/her opinion on a health concern. The plumber may well have an opinion on what might be causing my problem, but chances are it wouldn’t reflect the actual medical diagnosis.
      If you expect to be taken seriously in commenting on the science, please share what your scientific credentials are. If, like Lord Monckton, you feel that sitting around on your couch qualifies you to comment competently on global warming (and perhaps M.S. and HIV, too!) please feel free to do so elsewhere.

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