David Wins Against Pesticide Goliath

Fellow climate hawk Lori from over at Adventures In Climate Change recently shared how wonderful this new documentary, A Chemical Reaction, is.  At the risk of raising the ire of Francis, our anti-documentary curmudgeon, I’m posting this link to the trailer and hope to get my hands on the full length documentary soon. It tells the story of one of the most powerful and effective community initiatives in North America, right here in the Canadian town of Hudson Quebec.


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  1. I’m on the Green Team of my condo association. (If you live in a condo, you understand the challenges ahead of us.). We have been gently pushing our community toward pesticide-free, sustainable gardening. This documentary has been an inspiration to our team.

    I’ll be blogging about our team’s progress and will have experts weighing in on such topics as sustainable gardening, organic lawn care, renewable energy and more. First up will be a blog on my introduction to native plants in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the area where I live. Should be an adventure.


  2. Well, it’s about time that the little guy won a round or two.

    It seems that June’s idea is catching on out here in the wild west of B.C.

    There is a bill which will be coming before our provincial legislature banning similar products as mentioned in the video clip. The one thing I thought which was a bit ludicrous was that they wanted to exempt golf courses from this ban! Hah! I don’t think so. If you’re going to ban it…then ban it and be done with it.

    There are sufficient organic controls without having to poison everything else.


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