Analysis of Britain’s Shape After Sea Level Rise, Ken To Barbie “It’s Over”, And More News

It’s Friday, and I’m just wrapping up two very time-consuming work projects, which means I’m in the mood for some good news, and a good laugh – come to think of it, I’m always in the mood  for those things. Anyway, here’s some links that offer just that – have a great weekend, and remember, shift happens!

Think one person is too small to make a difference?  Not so!  Meet Mason Perez, a 9-year-old from Reno, Nevada, whose science fair project has helped save his community tens of thousands of gallons of water. Two years ago, when he was only seven, the gradeschooler discovered an all-too-common point of waste that had been overlooked by grown-ups there for ages. And, with just one surprisingly simple fix, Mason found a way that the city could conserve one of its most important natural resources. Click here to read the full story on

The UK recently took a lead role in the climate fight, inscribing some of the world’s most ambitious country emissions reduction pledges into law. But according to this BBC comedy sketch, there might have been ulterior motives (adult humour… you have been warmed). Click here to see why global warming will make the UK look very unfortunate.

Read more about the inspiration behind the photo, Brigette DePape:  Why I Did It: Senate Page Explains Her Throne Speech Protest, and more on the Harper’s costly hockey game at His Highness Must Fly In Style.

  • Greenpeace USA has been busy this week focusing attention on the rainforest-destroying practises of Mattel and their iconic product, Barbie:

On June 7th, following Ken’s breakup with the iconic superstar, Barbie, Ken and 8 buddies staged a protest at Mattel headquarters in El Segundo, CA demanding that Mattel stop using packaging from materials produced by rainforest destroyers..


*Thanks to Dan for sending me interesting links so regularly!*

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