Dare To Be Part Of The 11% Who Change History

From the suffragettes to the civil rights movement, history shows that all it takes is enough committed people – less than you might think – to truly make a difference. In this video, bestselling author Marianne Williamson dares us to become part of the 11% of people that can transform the world. Will you be one of them?


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0 thoughts on “Dare To Be Part Of The 11% Who Change History”

  1. I’m busy trying to change my own bit of history at the moment. I’m glad to see it may take “less than you might think – to truly make a difference”. I certainly support your cause, though.

    • Thanks for dropping by, when I get home and have a bit more time online I will check out your blog. Cheers.

  2. Marrianne Williamson has been writing about “Love” for over 20 years, i’m afraid the only thing that has changed has been her bank account….. sorry.

    i remember when the new age movement would talk about world peace in our time, great forces taking over the planet and enlightening us all towards a harmonious future… Hog Wash! all of it..
    remember the age of Aquarious crowd?, those same socialist, peace loving activists are now opening up their million dollar summer chalets, cruising the malls for a great pair of Pradas, lunching at pricy bistros, and spring timing in Gay ole Paris.. (n0 offence)..

    i have little faith that much will change for the better, at least not in my lifetime, as i look around i see self interest, greed and carelessness, shameless flogging of crap, and brainless consumerism ruling the world, by both young and old alike…

    sorry to be a downer all… its just what i see…

    if you want to change your life (and the world) for the better, forget about Marianne Williamson, and pick up anything written by Scott and Hellen Nearing (if you are serious that is)..

    happy spring time all!

    • Hey, Francis, your opinion is always appreciated. We’ll just agree to disagree on this one – Marianne has been doing what she’s doing for “only” twenty years. The shift that is required of us at this point in time is huge, towards a sustainable lifestyle and a completely different way of interacting with each other and the planet, so that we don’t become the first species to make themselves extinct. It takes a few years to make that change happen, and in my books Marianne is one of the people on the side of the “good”. And so are you! And I will check out the Nearings, when I get home.


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