Big Oil Lines Its Pockets With Our Money While Canadian Seniors and Students Pay The Price

Every year, $1.4 Billion of Canadian tax payer’s money goes to line the pockets of the richest companies in the world. That is $1.4 billion a year that is not going towards creating good, green jobs. It is more dollars taken out of public services like health care and education, and more dollars that aren’t going into making post-secondary education affordable. ┬áIn fact, $1.4 billion could pay off two-thirds of all students loans taken out last year.

In 2009, while attending the G8 conference, Stephen Harper pledged to end these oil subsidies. Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten that promise. Let’s remind him of it on May 2nd.


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0 thoughts on “Big Oil Lines Its Pockets With Our Money While Canadian Seniors and Students Pay The Price”

  1. In the past few weeks here in B.C., we have been subjected to a gas price increase of 18 cents a liter. That is just over 16%.
    You have to hand it to the oil companies though, they are dead consistent when it comes to gouging us.
    Many years ago, I was informed that any rise in the barrel price of oil actually took 6 months to trickle down to the gas pumps. Oh, Really? Dare I point out that as soon as the Libya situation became untenable that gas prices shot up immediately. Where was the 6 month delay there?
    I further understand that Canada does not buy oil from Libya, and that the U.S. only imports 20,000 barrels a day, which is peanuts.
    The way I see it is that the Canadian oil thugs are making yet a vastly bigger profit at the expense of the public without any valid reason. And this is nothing to do with the outrageous subsides mentioned in Christine’s article above!
    As a senior, I would much rather the government give me an extra $10 or $20 a month to buy food. Last year the CONServatives actually had the colossal gall to REDUCE our OAP payments by a lousy $3 a month. Maybe this is how they funded some of their oil subsidies.
    Unless and until Heavy Handed Harper and his backroom dealing cronies are shown the exit door, this isn’t going to change.
    And as for student loan repayments. I like the idea that Michael Ignatieff is offering up some help for our up and coming students.
    Why is it that these aging politicians who hang out with Heavyweight Harper can’t seem to get it through their thick heads that it is these very students who will be running the country in the next few years? Give ’em a break for Pete’s sake!

  2. I’m afraid as a climate activist that, while paying more at the pump hurts my pocketbook, I can’t ever be too sorry when gas prices go up, as that seems to be the only thing that can convince some people to decrease their fossil fuel use.
    That said, these corporations DO NOT need more of our money!

  3. The only other thing which will reduce our consumption is gasoline rationing. Inevitably, unless we all start using vehicles with drastically higher fuel economy, that is what it will come down to. I am seriously looking forward to the day when I move off this island and can build myself an electric car.


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