Vote For Harper Cause He Doesn’t Care About “So-Called” Greenhouse Gases

Another response to Rick Mercer’s challenge to the youth of Canada to surprise our politicians and vote – beautiful!


We’ve got a shot to start a movement
We’ve got a chance to make the whole world lose it
We can start a moment of change
An opportunity to keep the pride in our name

We need to wake up and watch what were doing
Bush was a bitch and the whole world knew it
But now we’re just as guilty as him
Environmental crime is good if you’re a crooked PM

But we’ve got a shot to start a movement
And we’ve got a chance to make the whole world lose it
We can choose who’s in demand
And we can change fate with the swipe of a pen

Vote for Harper if you don’t want trees
Vote for Harper if you don’t like green
Vote for Harper ’cause he doesn’t really care about
So-called Greenhouse Gases

Vote for Harper if you don’t want lakes
Vote for Harper if you don’t like change
Vote for Harper ’cause he doesn’t know a thing about
So-called Greenhouse Gases

We’ve got a problem, we’re on a slippery slope
So what’s it gonna take to get the youth to the polls
We’ve got a choice to make ’cause we can sway the vote
And if we want a change we have to take control

We can change every single thing that we hate
We can be the boss and take control of our fate
History will be whatever we wanna make
And we’ll still party at the end of the day

All we gotta do is get ourselves out of bed
All we gotta do is write an X with a pen?
All we really want is a planet to live
A cold beer in our hands and a river to swim

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0 thoughts on “Vote For Harper Cause He Doesn’t Care About “So-Called” Greenhouse Gases”

  1. You know, I hate to admit this…but I generally did not have much faith in the young people coming up today. (I’m a senior…how can you tell?)

    But I have to say that if these kids are like this BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!

    Thank you a thousand times for posting this, it’s just great.

    My wife and I are going to be long gone by the time the really serious climatic troubles start, but we have kids…and we have grandkids. And one day, they too will have their own children.

    I truly shudder to think what our atmosphere will be like 20 – 30 – or 50 years from now. As ALL the responsible politicians are saying, the time to act was yesterday. Today might be OK, but tomorrow is out of the question.

    Like the cool dude in the video says, Sharper Harper has to go. My wife and I are both solidly 100% on your side.

    • Hi Keith – thanks for dropping by, and I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I don’t much like hip-hop, but video has got me humming – and hopeful that the youth will show up in this election and make a difference!

      I agree with you – while I’m not a senior, I know that it’s my children and (future?) grandchildren that will be paying the biggest price for our inaction on this issue. You might appreciate the sentiment expressed in a letter shared on a national Citizens Climate Lobby teleconference call this weekend. As part of a letter-writing campaign they’ve called the “Million Letter March”, a letter written by a 91-year old from Vermont was read. It was short and went something like: “I’m 91 years old, and blind, but I’m not stupid! Please start addressing this issue now, for my grandchildren’s sake!” That about sums it up!

  2. @Christine Thanks for posting my video. And thank you @Keith for watching it. It’s interesting for my generation to be living through this, and I think one thing that would help tremendously would be if our parents and grandparents were telling us that they feel the same. That things do need to change. Although the youth can make a huge difference, a lot of young people don’t realize that things are getting worrisome because their parents don’t say anything about it. They have other priorities. Maybe you could help and we could start a big movement.

    • Cory: Since I made the above post I have spent many hours posting all over the web trying to get people to get involved in this election.
      I don’t care who listens to me, young or old, I just hope I can get through to a few people.
      Mr. Harper seems to be crumbling as we speak (a few hours after the French language debate) and I hope this trend continues.
      As long as I can convince all our kids to vote, I will be very pleased.
      This will be the first election in which the internet has played such a huge role.

  3. Cory – great job on the video! Thx for dropping by – I apologize for not posting a link to your website earlier, but I’ve corrected that now.

    We’re all in this together, although Cory, as part of “Generation Hot” you (like my university aged daughters) will be dealing with the effects longer than either Keith or I. And my experience is the opposite of your’s, Cory, I find that many, but not all, of the people I network with on this issue are not part of the younger generation. It’s one powerful movement that’s building , once the youth get engaged!
    If you are on Facebook, Cory, and use it for networking on this (and other issues) I’d be happy to connect with you there. I have FB friends of all ages from all over the world who are engaged in addressing climate change in their communities and their countries. (and Keith, I extend the same invitation to you). Just let me know.


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