Unpredictable Weather Patterns From Climate Change Will Hit Consumers’ Pocketbooks

A follow-up to yesterday’s posting on climate change-related food shortages is this recent article from the Edmonton Journal, Climactic shock to wheat markets signals new era of agriculture: Food systems in transition as consumers face recalibration of supply, demand:

Russia’s decision to stop all grain exports due to extreme heat and unpredictable weather patterns will eventually hit consumers’ pocket books — it is just a matter of time.

There and elsewhere, agriculture is increasingly wilting under the wrath of climate change.

Drought in the Black Sea region and floods in Western Canada are having a big impact on grain prices. Climactic shocks send markets and speculators alike into flurries of activity, and threaten to launch food prices skyward.

Most would agree that, when a storm descends, it’s often best to wait it out until the sun returns. But make no mistake — these sudden market swings signal the start of a new era…

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