BP’s Blocking Information, Not Oil Flow

Is the U.S. a democracy or a corporate-run dictatorship?  From the sounds of things, BP is controlling access to public beaches in the spill area and intimidating locals and clean-up workers to limit the information that is flowing out of the Gulf coast.  Looks like they’re way better at blocking information than they are at limiting the flow of oil out of the ruptured oil well.

Here’s a video of a reporter from New Orleans TV station WDSU trying to get access to a public beach and speak to clean-up workers:


For more, check out:

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If you are Facebook, join the group 1,000,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling for ideas and information on how we can kick this fossil fuel habit.  (click here)

Or go to Tom Rand’s website at “Kick The Fossil Fuel Habit.org“.  Rand says “It’s a myth that we need fossil fuels.  We just haven’t decided to kick the habit.”

And here’s a new blog I just discovered, Monkeyfister.blogspot.com, which has links to live spillcam feeds as well as great posts on the BP catastrophe.  The byline of the blog is “It starts with planting a garden…”.  So as an act of optimism, in defiance of our consumer culture, plant a seed or weed your garden before you call your elected representative and tell them it’s time for clean energy NOW.

To do just that – contact your elected representatives at all levels,  local, state/provincial, and federal – if you’re in the U.S. click here for contact info. If you’re in Canada,  click here for contact info on Members of Parliament and Senators.

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