Dis-invest-a-lujah from the Church of Life After Shopping

From the Reverend Billy Talen, of the Church of Life After Shopping:

This “Dis-invest-a-lujah!” 3 min. film is breath-taking. It is radical common sense action. “Stop Shopping” faithful spy-cammed a conversation with a Chase banker, explained Mountaintop Removal to him, then withdrew their money. Some say this is trespassing, but is it? JP Morgan Chase accepted our bail-out. It ought to be a public institution. Earth-a-lujah!


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  1. Cheers for the heads-up Christine.
    It’s interesting to witness the employees response. I guess being public about your convictions and honest with your reasoning can scratch away some of the shield of this age of denial!

    • Yes, that’s true, Tim. But I do wonder if they got into trouble with their employer after this was made public!

      • hehe.. I could imagine..
        The guy she spoke to at the desk you could tell was doing his bit for the company; reassuring her that to the best of his knowledge the company did right by the environment and that she’d be better off not leaving, but yeah, they’d both end up getting “training”.. been there myself! lol


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