For The Love of All Who Follow Us, We Have To Stop

On a recent posting on Father Theo’s Blog, the topic is “The Death of Winter” , a musing on the way weather has changed in British Columbia in the author’s lifetime, and a plea that “for the love of all who follow us, for the love of the planet itself, we have to stop”.  Here’s an excerpt:

In 1964-65, living again in the city [Vancouver], I remember the temperatures doing the frosty limbo down to minus 17o C, and I can’t really be sure if they didn’t dip even lower than that.

Here in the winter of 2009-10, things are different.

Two weeks ago perhaps, I noticed in my walks that some trees around the city were starting to sprout fuzzy buds.  In their vegetable tree-brains, spring has apparently sprung.  In mid-January.

And children no longer ice skate in the ditches of the Fraser delta.

It’s not just on the prairies that the weird weather is happening.  If you, too, are concerned, go to and become part of the solution – NOW – while there’s still time.

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