It’s Time To Stand Up to Big Oil

The League of Conservation Voters (LVC) is a U.S.-based group focused on “turning environmental values into national priorities”. It  is urging American citizens to contact their Senators and tell them to support the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act.  Senators, LCV asserts, need to stand up to Big Oil and act swiftly to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation this year. Americans should remind their Senators that:

It is critical that we transition to a clean energy economy in order to create millions of jobs, make America more energy independent, and protect the planet from global warming pollution.

Here in Canada, the Pembina Institute is working hard to educate Canadians about the incredibly polluting Alberta oil sands. They are calling for a moratorium on new oil sands projects until a thorough review is done and new environmental and health safeguards are in place.

Albertans and Canadians are increasingly concerned when they look at the way Alberta’s oil sands are being developed. Amidst growing urgency about the need to fight global warming, the oil sands have emerged as Canada’s fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas pollution.

Other impacts — from drawing down the Athabasca River to the creation of toxic tailings dumps, to hundreds of square kilometers of strip-mining and drilling in the boreal forest — are growing just as rapidly.

LCV produced this video, “Big Oil’s Bring Your Kid to Work Day”, as part of its “Stand Up to Big Oil” campaign. Enjoy the video, and then pick up the phone or turn on your computer and contact your elected representative(s). Tell them it’s time to stand up to Big Oil, on both sides of the border.


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