Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Be Done

Check out this video – part of the “Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Be Done” Earthkeepers campaign. Earthkeepers was started by the Timberland company, which manufactures outdoor boots, shoes and gear.  The Earthkeepers website states:

We at Timberland started Earthkeepers because we love the outdoors. Making outdoor boots, shoes and gear is what we do for a living. No more outdoors means no more living. For us—or anyone else. Of course, we realize that by making our products, we’re part of the problem. We believe it’s time for companies, like ours, to take a look at how the way they do business affects the environment and do something about it.

The campaign encourages people to get involved by signing an online petition urging leaders to take action in Copenhagen by setting emissions targets. Earthkeeper wants citizens of the world to tell those world leaders, “Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Be Done” because it can!

Watch the video, and then go to  this link to sign the petition.


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