Time for New Thinking on the Climate Crisis

The UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen begins today!  If you are the praying sort, take time today to send a prayer that scientific and moral values will prevail, and our children’s future will be preserved.

Here’s a short video that won the Ecospot Video Grand Prize:


And after you’ve watched it, if you are the emailing sort, contact your elected representative and let them know that you want a real deal in Copenhagen.  Let’s stop ignoring the 1.2 billion elephants in the room!

And if you’re ready to be inspired to more action, click on this link or go to #2 on my video list on the right to hear Al Gore’s address at TED in March 2008. Thanks to Krystofer for bringing this to my attention!

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  1. Since CO2 has been scientifically measured to increase plant growth and every major agricultural crop is thus enhanced, I propose that low emmitting, poor country send th US checks for the Billion of tons we have donated to the atmosphere free of charge. Since it is clear, CO2 is not toxic at anywhere the earth’s climate could ever reach and it is also clear this fertilizing effect is beneficial, my logic holds. The Theory, nay Hypothesis, that declining from 99.999735% other to 99,999645% may have added to some of the warming that has been so poorly measured over the last 50 years is unproven and should remain unfunded. 1/2 of all warming from 1900-2000 occurred before CO2 levels started to rise – a bit inconvenient. The second half of the warming is suspect, the Climate Scientists have not been publishing raw data, they’ve been fixing it!

    • This is an example of the ridiculous, but toxic, comments coming out of the anti-scientific global warming denial camp. In contrast, check out this post at http://theeulobby.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/56-newspapers-plead-for-decisive-action/. The post talks about the 56 newspapers around the world that,today, published a plea for decisive action at the Copenhagen Conference. Let’s all act together for the future of our children and grandchildren – and keep in the mind that all the money in the world will be cold comfort when we have wrecked the earth. As the common editorial in these 56 newspapers reminds us, we have “Fourteen days to seal history’s judgment on this generation”. All the newspapers call for decisive action on climate change.


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