Brits put climate funding on the G20 agenda

Yey!  Alistair Diamond, Britain’s finance minister, is trying to put climate change funding on the agenda in Scotland this week.  It sounds like he’s not getting a very warm reception, though.  Read more here and here.

Meanwhile, although climate change as a whole is disturbing, I am set to go out and enjoy what is forecasted to be a beautiful, above-normal day here on the prairies.  Hope you are enjoying your Saturday, too!

0 thoughts on “Brits put climate funding on the G20 agenda”

  1. It’s good to hear that someone in power is speaking out about such an important issue. However, it’s important to remember, too, that governments are responsible to the people. If our governments aren’t taking the actions that we want them to, it’s because we as a people haven’t told them clearly enough what we want. Instead of griping that our governments aren’t doing enough, let’s tell them so.


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