No More Nice Guy: Canada’s Democracy & Reputation Tarred

It turns out Canada’s reputation is getting as toxic as the Alberta tar sands tailings ponds:



Some more facts:

  • Canadian federal taxpayers subsidize the oil industry $1.38 billion a year. And that’s not counting your Province’s subsidies to the oil industry.
  • The International Energy Agency says up to two thirds of known fossil reserves must be left in the ground to avoid a 2°C global temperature rise.
  •  The Canadian government has mounted an intensive lobbying campaign to weaken clean fuel standards that the European Commission has proposed to achieve its climate change targets.



election fraud*

And, as often happens in petrostates, Canadian democracy has been subverted. Yesterday a judge ruled that election fraud happened during the 2011 federal election by someone who had access to the Conservative Party of Canada’s database, although the judge was careful not to directly blame the CPC party:

“I am satisfied, however, that the most likely source of the information used to make the misleading calls was the CIMS database maintained and controlled by the CPC, accessed for that purpose by a person or persons currently unknown to this court.”

In summary: election fraud happened, it was carried out by someone with access to the Conservative party’s database, and the voters who received robocalls with inaccurate voting information were overwhelmingly either Liberal or NDP supporters.  Hmmm – I wonder who could have been behind this criminal act? And why aren’t Canadians marching in the streets over this corruption of our democracy?

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