#EpicFail At Shell’s Arctic Launch Celebration

Via Occupy Seattle, a close-up glimpse at the folks  our governments are trusting to keep our Arctic pristine and untouched. They can’t even run a launch party without a spill:



Occupy Seattle’s website says that Logan Price, a Seattle Occupier who’s now living in New York, managed to infiltrate a private party thrown by Shell Oil at the Space Needle to celebrate the launch of its Arctic drilling program, and caught this  video. It gets more interesting because there’s also a website, arcticready.com, that looks a lot like a Shell Oil home page. It reads:

We’ve all heard about global climate change and the challenges it brings, especially to the most vulnerable among us.
For example, 300,000 people already perish each year from climate-change-related causes, mostly in the world’s poorest areas, according to the foundation of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. And evidence suggests that further disruption of our planet’s delicate climate could well result in incredibly dire consequences.

We at Shell are as concerned about this as everyone else. But we also recognize that even the most vulnerable need ever-growing fossil fuel resources for their travel, leisure, scientific, and infrastructure expansion needs, and that all of us, no matter where we live, need to explore every alternative at our disposal in order to one day have the hope of achieving a balanced, sustainable approach to energy production—let alone to deal with the potential consequences of climate change.
That’s why we at Shell are committed to not only recognize the challenges that climate change brings, but to take advantage of its tremendous opportunities. And what’s the biggest opportunity we’ve got today? The melting Arctic.
Source: Greenpeace

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*Update July 20.2012: this was a spoof video put out by Greenpeace and The Yes Men. Read more here.