Canadians Unhappy With Taxpayer Handouts To Richest Industry On Planet

From the inspired folks at Hamilton350 comes this video:

During Open Streets in Hamilton a few inspired Conservatives asked people to complement the $1.4 billion in annual taxpayer-funded subsidies to the oil industry with money from their own pocket. This seems appropriate since they were already paying about $40 each per year in tax dollars anyway. Why not match this generous Conservative contribution to the dirty fuel business? Sadly, most Hamiltonians weren’t happy with giving handouts to the wealthiest industry on the planet.

When most Hamiltonians declined to support us with money we asked them if they would write a ‘thank you’ note to Stephen Harper. That didn’t go as planned either.


Why Are Taxpayers Subsidizing A Business Model That Is Destroying the Planet?

from the good folks over at


In case you missed the news of the huge Greenland melt this week, you can read Climate Progress’s post on it, ABC News On Greenland Ice Melt: Scientists Say They’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before. Here’s some pictures that give an idea of the immensity of what’s happening up there, because of our carbon emissions down here:

*Thanks to Sharon for sharing this with me *

Over at Watching The Deniers, Mike’s headline read Greenland Melt Question: “On A Scale of Zero To Ten, How Serious Is This Melt Issue?”Answer: Eleven.

I’m reposting the video Mike included in that article. Keep in mind this is from January of this year, before the latest unprecedented melt:



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