Anti-Science Heartland Institute Takes Ridiculous To New Heights

The far-right “think” tank the Heartland Institute recently launched a bizarre billboard campaign that linked global warming with serial killers. The first billboard went up with a picture of Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski with the words “I still believe in global warming. Do you?”. This campaign was too over-the-top even for the right-wing fringe that usually supports HI, and has caused it to lose corporate sponsors as well as speakers for its upcoming climate-science-bashing  “International Conference on Climate Change”. As in its climate science,  Heartland didn’t do its homework on the campaign; not only did they completely miscalculate its PR impact, it turns out Kaczynski’s “manifesto” contains no mention of climate change, global warming or carbon.

Here at 350orbust, we’ve been aware of the Heartland Institute’s nefarious war against climate science and our children’s future for a while. It become personal when they threatened to “pursue all possible actionable civil remedies to the fullest extent of the law” against me, and other bloggers, for publishing information about confidential Heartland documents that were leaked to DeSmog Blog. RT News had a special award for the Heartland Institute last Friday:



If you are in the United States, you can add your voice to a petition to get all corporate sponsors, including Microsoft, to pull their funding from the Heartland Institute in light of its ongoing and extreme support of climate change denial – click here.

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The Climate Killers

Check out this excellent article from last week’s Rolling Stone magazine, The Climate Killers: Meet the 17 polluters and deniers who are derailing efforts to curb global warming. Author Tim Dickinson lists, for example, “The Profiteer”  (Warren Buffet), “The Disinformer” (Rupert Murdoch whose News Corp empire includes Fox ‘News’), and “God’s Denier” (Senator James Inhofe).

One response to the disinformation and lies being spread by the deniers is suggested on “Climate Change Advocates of Cincinnati” blog. It advocates a “climate change info war offensive” be initiated.  Here’s some of the article;

We are at war.  We are at war with the fossil fuel lobby.  We are at war with the climate change deniers and liars who are getting paid by the fossil fuel lobby.  The existence of humanity is at stake.  We can’t win a war on the defensive, which is how NGOs and scientists have tried to wage this war for the most part.  As someone trained by the US Army in psychological operations, my suggestion is that we take the battle to the deniers and liars.

We know who the most effective, consistent, and popular deniers and liars are:  Inhofe, Patrick Michaels, George Will, etc.  My suggestion is to have all the civil society groups who attended COP15 agree on a list: ‘Ten Most Wanted Climate Change Deniers and Liars for Crimes Against Humanity’ (and yes, I think ‘deniers and liars’ should be branded to these people’s names every time civil society groups refer to them).

Once this list is compiled, these climate killers should feel the heat, through emails, faxes, phone calls, letters, and protests:

from every corner of the globe, every waking moment, the ‘Ten Most Wanted Climate Deniers and Liars’ need to feel the pressure,…

If these people, who are motivated by greed, can put the huge effort they are into spreading lies and disinformation, surely members of civil societies across the globe who are motivated by “the passionate desire to tell the truth in an attempt to prevent pain and suffering on a scale and scope, and for a time span, never before imagined”, can also put as much or more effort into telling the truth?