B.C. Votes Against Its Future

I don’t live in Canada’s most westerly province, but I know that British Columbians pride themselves on their slogan, “Beautiful British Columbia”. It is a province of vast wilderness, ancient mountains, and pristine waters, although its beauty has been marred in recent years by the pine-beetle-destroyed pine trees covering vast regions of the Rocky Mountains. But the sparkling lakes and the beautiful Pacific coast remain jewels in B.C.’s crown – so far, at least. But the incumbent Liberals, lead by the unpopular Christy Clark, won a majority government in yesterday’s provincial election. Why the NDP, which went into the race with a 20-point lead, didn’t win is a surprise to many, and no doubt their loss will be dissected by the party and the media over the next while. What BCers are left with is a government committed to building dirty energy pipelines through pristine natural wilderness, and fracking the heck out of the province to make it a natural gas super-power. Oil tankers will be traveling up and down the now-pristine BC coast to transport the Alberta crud that’s been piped in. Uggh!

Longtime B.C. resident Dr Warren Bell, who helped found Canadian Physicians For The Environment, had this to say in response to yesterday’s election results:

“I think this outcome will radicalize everyone who is looking to the future of BC, the country and this planet, and knows and understands now that this is a joined struggle between those who see near-term dollars as the only standard for prosperity, and those who see sufficiency for all, and the interests of future generations, as paramount.”

The only lights on a dark day for the planet were the election of climate scientist Andrew Weaver, who became the first provincially elected Green in Canada, and Christy Clark’s loss in her own riding. Clark ran a fear-based campaign that pitted jobs against the environment, and painted the NDP as a scary alternative to the Liberal’s record of “economic stability”. Apparently voters need to be reminded to hold their breath while counting their money, as a reminder that the economy isn’t more important than the environment.



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Northern Gateway Pipeline: Not A Pretty Picture

Renowned Canadian artist Robert Bateman speaks out against the Northern Gateway Pipeline. I guess that makes him a “radical” “domestic terrorist“, or maybe he’s one of the “jet-setting celebrities” who are opposed to any development of Canadian natural resources – or possibly he’s all of the above!



Sign the petition at:   http://www.notankers.ca

To read Canadian Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver’s open letter to Canadians about those radical anti-progress tree-hugging enviros, click here and see for yourself the lengths this government will go to demonize those Canadians opposed to their radical pro-corporate anti-democratic agenda.

Also an interesting read on the close parallels between the Harper government’s rhetoric against environmentalists, and former GOP nutbar candidate Rick Santorum: The Harper-Santorum Axis.

What Would You Do To Ensure Your Children and Grandchildren’s Future is Bright and Secure?

I have two intelligent, lovely daughters who, as of this September, have both left home to attend university in different parts of the country. The last few weeks have been a busy blur of packing and moving them. My husband and I are now adjusting to life without them, which feels lonely and liberating at the same time. This past Sunday, for the first time,  I went grocery shopping for just the two of us, and I realized with a pang that this is the way it will be from now on. On the other hand, I have spent very little time in the kitchen since we got home, so am feeling freed from the relentless need to ensure my entire family was eating healthy, well-prepared food. My husband is concerned that I may never cook again, but the good news is that he is a pretty good cook himself, so we won’t starve!

What has kept me out of the kitchen this week, besides a full-time employment contract, is the urgent need to address Bill C311, the Climate Accountability Act, which is approaching its second reading in the Senate next week. The Harper Conservatives continue to oppose this bill, and it needs at least 53 votes to pass (of the 105 Senators, 52 are Conservative). As Cheryl McNamara pointed out in Monday’s post, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has taken the anti-science, anti- progress stance and is opposing this bill and is exerting its considerable influence lobbying more of the senators to vote against it, even though it was passed in the House of Commons.

I have emailed all the Senators and sent letters to half of the insurance company executives identified by Cheryl on Climate Response. Obviously, I have more work to do – and so do you, if you haven’t yet let the senators as well as the insurance and financial companies hear your voice.

If you need some motivation, read about 82-year old grandmother and activist Betty Krawczyk‘s courageous campaign to bring attention to old-growth logging in British Columbia, and her current situation – the BC government is asking that she be locked up for life for her actions! She is on CBC’s The Current this morning. I will post that link as soon as it’s available.

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