Sweet Potato Supreme

I made this casserole for two (different!) family gatherings this past holiday season, and it got rave reviews both times. It’s from those wonderful cooks at Best of Bridge. I like it because it’s SO simple to make, and the brown sugar/pecan topping compliments the natural sweetness of the potatoes (which are chock-full of Vitamins A & C, powerful anti-oxidants).


4 cups/1 litre  cooked, mashed sweet potatoes (To cook them, I just peel them, place them in a pot, cover them with water and boil them until they’re soft, ~15 minutes, then drain)

2 Tbsp/30 mls  cream or milk

1 tsp.  salt (I usually put in less)

1/4 tsp  paprika (I don’t always have this on hand, and I think it can be omitted without missing much flavour)


1/2 cup (125 ml)  brown sugar

1/3 cup (75 ml)  butter

1 cup pecan halves, to cover casserole

Click here to read the rest of the instructions on the Best of Bridge website.  As they say, it is very important to take the brown sugar and butter mixture off the heat AS SOON as the butter melts, or it will become too hard after the casserole has been baked.

While the recipe says that 4 cups of sweet potato feeds 6 -8, I think for a group that large you should double the recipe, judging from the meals at which I recently served it.  Luckily, it doubles easily.  Enjoy!

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