Canadian Senators Turn Their Backs On Democracy and Kill Bill C311, The Climate Accountability Act

In November, 2010, the unelected Conservative senators killed Bill C311, the Climate Accountability Act, which had been passed by the elected members of the House of Commons. In this unprecedented move, Stephen Harper and his party destroyed the only science-based climate legislation that Canada has. The result is that they have no response to the most pressing issue of our time, because to PM Harper apparently it isn’t important. Harper famously said, before the G20 meetings in June 2010, that the only important thing to focus on was the economy, and everything else was “just noise”.  Apparently Big Oil executives and the prime ministers who hang out with them don’t have to live on the same planet as the rest of us. Nor do their children and grandchildren.  For more information on the death of Bill C311, click here.

Feel free to use the information below to tell the Senators what you think of their supression of democracy, and harming our children’s future.

To get the Senator’s  full names and contact information, including telephone and fax numbers and mailing addresses, click here.

Senators to target:

Raynell Andreychuk 613-947-2239 Saskatchewan PC-1993

W. David Angus (Con.) 613-947-3193 Quebec-Alma PC-1993

Andrée Champagne (Con.) 613-995-3999 Quebec-Grandville L-2005

Ethel M. Cochrane (Con.) 613-992-1577 Newfoundland PC-1986
and Labrador

Gerald J. Comeau (Con.) 613-943-1448 Nova Scotia PC-1990

Anne C. Cools – (Lib.) 613-992-2808 Ontario- -2000
Toronto Centre-York

Jacques Demers (Con.) 613-992-0151 Quebec- Rigaud C-2009

Daniel Lang (Con.) 613-947-4050 Yukon C-2009

Yonah Martin (Con.) 613-947-4078 British Columbia C-2009

Elaine McCoy (PC) 613-995-4293 Alberta L-2005

Lowell Murray (PC) 613-995-2407 Ontario- Pakenham PC-1979

Nancy Ruth (Con.) 613-995-4174 Ontario- Cluny L-2005

Pierre Claude Nolin (Con.) 613-943-1451 Quebec-De Salaberry PC-1993

Dennis Glen Patterson (Con.) 613-992-0480 Nunavut Territory- C-2009

P. Michael Pitfield (Independent) 613-992-2784 Ontario- L-1982

Jean-Claude Rivest (Independent) 613-947-2236 Quebec-Stadacona PC-1993

Hugh Segal (Con.) 613-995-4059 Ontario- L-2005

Judith Seidman (Con) 613-992-0110 Quebec- C-2009
De la Durantaye

Here are the email addresses of ALL of the Conservative Senators:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Here are the email addresses for all of the Liberal Senators:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

0 thoughts on “Canadian Senators Turn Their Backs On Democracy and Kill Bill C311, The Climate Accountability Act”

  1. funny that Richard Neufeld’s name is not in the first list since he is the Conservative point man and the single person in the Senate who did most to delay this bill C-311 (?)

    no sign of Grant Mitchell or Tommy Banks either – they are just the Liberal pointmen doing what they can to advance C-311

    okokok – just for a moment imagine that you are a Senator and you receive an email that does not include your name, just has your email address, cribbed from, say, a list such as the one you have published here – how do you feel about the email not having your name on it?

    just a question y’unnerstan’

    if you want a list of Senators with their names formatted for Gmail (& Outlook as well it seems) check here: (and with the few who do not use email re-directed to their respective party whips)

    and some advice I noted on techniques of using email to influence politicians (Senators are politicians remember, defunct maybe, moribund maybe, near to death maybe – but still politicians) is that an email with a list of CCs or BCCs can be detected by spam filters – maybe better to go to the trouble of sending a single email to each recipient

    boring I know …

    • Great points, David, and for the link. And you are right about Mr. Neufeld, he is the most obstructive and should be at the top of the list. Although Marjorie LeBreton is the Conservative Senate Leader, and deserves plenty of ink as well. However, I believe the names at the top are there because there actually is some hope that they may be swayed, while Neufeld and LeBreton appear intransigent. But don’t let that stop anyone from writing!

      It does take time to email each Senator, but I did take the time to do that in June. Perhaps it’s time for “round 2”.

      BTW, have you ever since this video “political change with pen and paper” –
      Mr. Ahmad makes some good points.

  2. Senator LeBreton has many secrets: Her husband (Douglas LeBreton) went to the Dominican Republic and had an affair with a prostitute, who put some type of sleeping agent in his drink that made him sick. When Senator LeBreton found out, she got the Department of Foreign Affairs involved and the Dominican police. It is possible that Senator LeBrator a lot more than that. The host when her husband went to the DR was Keith Hamilton and Susana her husband. The Senator’s husband went out the first day he arrived in Puerto Plata. Neither Susana nor her husband went with Douglas LeBraton out to the prostitution bar, so how can Susana be responsible? Senator LeBreton blames Susana for what happened to her husband and as a result, Susana has not seen her daughters in almost ten years. They came here to visit their father, he took Susana to court in Canada. When the mother was served papers in the Dominican, she went and applied for a visa and the Canadian government denied her a visa, claiming that she was a criminal. This is injustice and Senator LeBrator used her influence to separate that innocent mother from her daughters. How can the senator blame that innocent mother just because of what her husband did while he was on vacation? Senator LeBraton doesn’t care about children. Very said indeed.


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