Pricing Pollution Is Good For the Economy

We don’t have to chose between the environment and the economy.

Canada’s EcoFiscal commission, an impressive group of experienced, policy-minded economists with an advisory board that includes senior politicians from across the political spectrum as well as representatives from industry and environmental groups, was formed to dispel the false dichotomy between a thriving economy and a healthy environment.

Their mission is to identify and promote practical fiscal solutions for Canada that spark the innovation required for increased economic and environmental prosperity, and they are motivated by a vision of a thriving economy that is underpinned by clean air, land, and water for the benefit of all Canadians, now and in the future.

The EcoFiscal Commission just released video that discusses how putting a price on pollution is good for the economy:



Here is another EcoFiscal video that talks about it is critical for Canada to find a way to move forward with carbon pricing, to start the meaningful transition to a low-carbon economy.


Canada’s EcoFiscal Commission

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