After the hottest year on record, here's to 2015 being a year of radical climate action.

Happy New Year!



It’s now official – 2014 was the hottest year on record for this blue planet of ours.




This is the year that science and good climate policy will trump denial and fossil fool intransigence. I’m lucky to live in the largest Canadian province, Ontario, where last summer the newly-re-elected Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne appointed this nation’s first ever Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. Glen Murray demonstrates a full grasp of the urgency and importance of the climate crisis, and the province is currently working with Quebec and California to create a sub-national climate response with real teeth. Together, those three jurisdictions make up the world’s 5th largest economy, so whatever moves they make will have a large ripple effect across the globe.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) volunteers across the globe are focused on creating the political will for a livable climate. We are laser-focused on lobbying politicians and educating the public about the economic and emission-reduction benefits of a revenue-neutral price on carbon pollution. This year, many of us CCLers in Ontario will be focused on creating the political and public will to put a price on carbon at the provincial level, and return the monies collected to Canadians.  As part of that campaign, I’m working on a postcard campaign that will encourage Ontarians to send Mr Murray and Ms Wynne postcards asking for their climate bonus:

postcard front. Dec 2014*

If you are in Ontario and want to participate in this campaign, email me at


An upcoming forum discussing the differences between a carbon tax and cap and trade is being held in Toronto on January 27th. Moderated by Stephen Lewis, the event is sponsored by For Our Grandchildren, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and School of the Environment – University of Toronto.

Putting a Price on Carbon

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 – 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Isabel Bader Auditorium,
93 Charles Street West,
Victoria College University of Toronto
What’s the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while stimulating the economy? Join Stephen Lewis and an expert panel on how to effectively put a price on carbon in Canada.
Two methods are frequently proposed – Cap and Trade and a Carbon Tax.
Our Forum Panelists will present the case for each of these methods.
Stephen Lewis, Distinguished Visiting Professor, Ryerson University
Nicholas Rivers, Chairholder, Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy, University of Ottawa
David Robinson, Associate Professor of Economics, Laurentian University
Katie Sullivan, Director, North America and Climate Finance, IETA
Gray Taylor, a leading climate change lawyer working in Toronto
Kristyn Annis, President, Canadians for Clean Prosperity
Lynn McDonald, former Federal Member of Parliament and co-founder of JustEarth
Individual tickets (less than 5) $20 per ticket. Group tickets (5 or more) $10 per ticket.
Let’s get out there and kick butt this year – for our grandchildren and for this lovely blue planet!
keep calm and price carbon

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