2 thoughts on “Take Time To Renew Your Spirit”

  1. Good words.

    Especially ‘collective consciousness’. We have to believe it will happen, or nothing will. I don’t much like the ‘responsibility’ one, though — and the implication of ‘start’ in conjunction with it causes my mind to conjure images of horses bolting, and doors left open.

    I do feel comfortable with ‘help’ and ‘create’. I don’t see the word ‘try’ in there… which is about my speed.

    Oh, wait: now I see it:

    The woRld we are experiencing todaY is The Result of our collective consciousness, and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibilitY for helping creaTe it. RosemarY fillmore.

    It helps a lot to know there are others out there too, pitching in.


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