Extreme Weather Events Escalating Around the World

The HawkkeyDavis Channel on YouTube does an excellent job of compiling extreme weather events from around the world at regular intervals during the year. Here’s the end-of-the-year compilation for 2013. As the video’s description notes, this is not viewing for the faint of heart; all kinds of extreme weather events are escalating both in frequency and in severity. Is there any doubt at all, folks, that it’s time to tax our climate-destabilizing carbon emissions with a straight-forward, bureaucracy-free, revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend? I don’t think so. To find out how you can be part of the change, go to CitizensClimateLobby.org or (in Canada) CitizensClimateLobby.ca.



global average surface temp*

graphic: I Heart Climate Scientists
graphic: I Heart Climate Scientists

8 thoughts on “Extreme Weather Events Escalating Around the World

  1. Its difficult to convince those that simply won’t be convinced. Unfortunately they are not confined to Trolling on the net. They have real power in government. Even the corporations with loads of money, legal clout and the ear of said governments to do their bidding have a considerable amount of power too. Its us on the front line who have none. Despite having all the evidence..

    • Yes, you are right Kevin, what we are up against is a very powerful force. However, they are betting against nature and physics and they are going to lose; in fact, they are already losing. The reason that they oppose climate action so vociferously is that they see the writing on the wall – addressing climate change means more real democratization across the globe, by taking trillions of dollars of fossil fuel profit out of the hands of a few corporations. That’s why they don’t want change, but it’s coming whether they want it or not. The question is, will it come before we’ve destroyed the only home we humans have?

      • I doubt we will have any planet left fit to live on. The greedy power elites will see to that. They meanwhile will have their little bubbles of air and water to live in until they fail and fall apart. But that is a moot point.
        I keep trying to educate and trying to make them change their ideas but its a long slog.

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