Our Children Shouldn’t Have To Sacrifice For Us

children shouldn't have to sacrifice*

After blogging about climate change from my perspective as a mom for nearly four years, I’m taking a hiatus from 350orbust. For more on this, check out my July 31 blog post, Shift Happens.

I would love to meet you in Ottawa in November for Citizens Climate Lobby Canada’s first national conference. Click on the image below for more details.


4 thoughts on “Our Children Shouldn’t Have To Sacrifice For Us”

  1. I’ve liked this because of the headline and main image. I was discussing this very subject — quite heatedly at times — with a brother just the other day. When one makes a comment that can be taken to suggest that a parent may not be making the best decisions for its offspring, such can easily be misinterpreted, being coloured by the very primal feelings that are the subject of the discussion itself. Not the kind of thing one can discuss at all with anyone but a sibling — and sometimes not even then!

    … but I don’t like it in that your words imply that 350orbust is somehow going away, whereas your post shift happens I read as revealing that you are going into overdrive, but in a different direction.

    I for one would love to meet you in Ottawa but as I have vowed never again to fly I would have to steal the company pushbike, and get it waterproofed, to get to you….

    A la prochaine!


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