Warning: Use Of This Fuel Product Contributes To Climate Change & Species Extinction

graphic: Our Horizon
graphic: Our Horizon

Canadian lawyer, Robert Shirkey, is Executive Director of a new nonprofit organization, Our Horizon, that has launched an ambitious and well-coordinated campaign to have warning labels placed on every gasoline pump in this country This can be done, the campaign asserts, by having the 4,000 municipalities in Canada pass bylaws instituting this rule. The group’s website provides a database of all the contact information for every municipal councillor in Canada, along with a easy to fill out letter that you can send to your local representatives asking them to do the right thing. It reads (in part):

Our municipality can use its licensing powers to pass a by-law that requires gasoline retailers to place warning labels on gas pump nozzles. These labels would advise consumers of the harms associated with the consumption of fossil fuels and would be similar to those found on tobacco packaging. Please visit www.ourhorizon.org to learn more about the by-law and to get access to the legal opinion for our jurisdiction.

Hats off to Mr. Shirkey & friends, for an absolutely brilliant idea!  I for one am going to get to work on this in my own municipality once I’m home again (just started on a two-week road trip to the West Coast).

To find out more, and send letters to your own representatives, go to OurHorizon.org and go to the “contact your councillor” link.

graphic: Our Horizon
graphic: Our Horizon


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