Saturday At The Movies

A marriage equality bill that recognized gay marriage passed in the New Zealand parliament this past week. This is a speech that MP Maurice Williamson gave at that time. I wish Canadian parliamentarians were as clever and well spoken; there is precious little witty repartee in the House of Commons dominated by Stephen Harper’s nasty Conservative party these days!



And if you are intrigued by this speech, check out the impromptu song that rang out in their parliament immediately after the bill passed. My husband and I spent two months cycling around New Zealand in the late 80s, and liked it so much we wanted to move there. Clearly, we have the right instincts – Kiwis are so cool!


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  1. The Legislature in New Zealand broke into song from the galleries after the vote was announced. A Maori love song ( traditional and known by New Zealanders ) was song by all present !


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