Personally Speaking, I Can’t Do That – Can You?

I’m on a (low-carbon) holiday for the next while, with little access to a computer, so please accept my apologies for delayed responses or posting of comments. All should be back to normal on 350orbust the last week of March. In the meantime, I scoured my files for some photos and graphics to post while I’m away – enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Personally Speaking, I Can’t Do That – Can You?”

  1. No i cannot, Christine. That is why I have contacted every single recruitment consultant that has got my CV/Resume this week and asked them to delete it (and I feel so much better having done so). Asking me to focus on trying to go back to hydrogeological consultancy in the private sector was like asking someone tied to a railway track to go back to reading their book. In order to untie myself I was always going to have to put the book down…


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